Lightbox Issue Fixed!!!

So I found out what the problem was and changed the code. Had to go into the main Theme style sheet and turn off a background inherit trait. I’m just noting it here so that my broken brain can remember what the issue was. Carry on. Life is good. :)

OK, So Site Is Up and Presentable

But I don’t quite have it looking the way I want it to. I want the Gallery thumbs to be separated and bordered so that it looks nicer. Also, I need to fix the hover problem with Firefox. So far I’ve gotten on all instances of Firefox that I know about. Apparently it has something to do with Add-ons, but I’m not sure. Have to test that out. But I’ve emailed family, so they should be looking at it soon. I wonder who has looked at it? Need to have a sign in maybe and let people comment on blog posts or pictures.
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So I Have This New Site…

So what I’ve done is try to create a site for family to see the most recent pics of Meadow. Who knows what other kind of life this site can take on. I’m thinking uploaded vids that the family can download, and maybe links to sites that I like as well as IDPA stuff. Of course these all seem like good ideas since it’s 1 in the morning, and this is the only time I can fit in some real time to sort out this new simple site. I’m just rambling right now because I’m so damn tired. Anyway. I have the Gallery working, but I want to make it more sophisticated. Have to figure out this Gallery applet for this site. Hopefully, I get it ironed out soon.