First Trip to the Zoo!!!

When Meadow was born, I created an email address for her where I send her updates on significant events.  And I finally thought, why not make these blog posts as well?  Below is the latest email I sent to her…….

Hey there, honeypot!

I’m so sorry I’m so late with this one because it was actually last week that we went, but on April 13th, we took you to the zoo for the first time!! You had a great time, and quite frankly you had a better time than I thought you would.  You got to see the pandas and giraffes very close and personal.

Meadow at the Zoo

Meadow at the Zoo





There were too many funny moments to call a favorite so I’ll tell you about a couple of them.

    • The pandas when we got there were all just sitting up and munching on stalks of bamboo.  So of course you pointed out that they were eating, and when I asked what they were eating, you said, “chopsticks.”  :)
    • You were VERY excited when we saw the gorillas.  You just shouted,”Gorilla! Gorilla!” over and over.  We had no idea you liked gorillas so much.
    • Right about this time your favorite movie in the world is Rio, and you got SO excited when we went into the parakeet house.  We got to feed them from little seed sticks.  To you every bird was “Blu”  :)
    • The first animals you see when you walk into the zoo is a bunch of flamingos, which of course you knew, and said that over and over.  Problem was that when it came time to go see the rest of the zoo, you didn’t want to leave the flamingos.
Meadow at the Zoo2

Meadow at the Zoo2





We were go glad that you enjoyed that trip so much.  I’m sure we’re going to go back again and often.  You were such a trooper, too.  You almost walked the entire zoo yourself!  We were very proud of you.  And when it came time for you to pick out a souvenir, what did you pick?  A stuffed animal?  No. Some animal figurine?  No.  You picked a toy truck!  How awesome is that?  :)

In other news, I think a new era has started for you this past weekend.  For some reason unbeknownst to me and Mom, you seem to have latched on to your little stuffed pink elephant.  When you introduced me to him this morning, I asked you what his name was, and you answered,”Baby.” In fact, this morning we rode all the way to Grandma’s house and you didn’t ask for the binkie or blankie one time.  You just watched Finding Nemo with Baby in your arms.  How cute!

As always, darling, Mom and I just love you SOOO much!


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