Playing on the Massage Chair

Our little Picasso :) 

She Walks!!!

Meadow finally crawls for the first time Dec 2011

Meadow’s first lemon Nov 2011

So close to crawling

Meadow enjoying The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Meadow the natural headbanger 8-24-11

Solid food 7-6-11

Bouncy bouncy 7-3-11

Meadow telling it like it is 6-12-11

She flips!!! 6-13-11

Conversation with Meadow 5-17-11

Meadow talking sunday 4-24-11

Some play time with Meadow

Meadow finally smiles for the camera 4-10-11

Meadow jigging out to a Motown medley

Meadow exercising the neck muscles 3-17-11

Meadow in mommy’s spot 3-12-11

Meadow lounging around the house 3-12-11



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